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Jordan Digitals Credit Mastery operates as an educational and training entity focused on credit management, business funding and financial literacy. Our services and content are not affiliated with or endorsed by any social media platforms, including Facebook. “Facebook” is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Our programs and materials are not intended as a promise or guarantee of earnings or specific outcomes. We do not offer “get rich quick” solutions or assert that our training will lead to financial success without exception. The effectiveness of our resources depends on various factors, including individual effort, the state of your credit report, market conditions, and the application of our strategies.

The experiences and testimonials presented on our website or materials represent personal accounts of individuals who have engaged with our training and resources. Also, this are all results from my personal experience that I have done to fix my credit and access Business Funding. These outcomes are not typical and vary based on several factors, including individual effort and application of learned skills. Everyone’s situation is different and we cannot guarantee anyone’s exact outcome

Use of our services and content is at your own risk and discretion. We recommend consulting with financial experts before making significant investment decisions. We do not guarantee the success of any investment or financial strategy discussed in our materials. The training and advice provided are general and may not suit every individual or circumstance. However, be rest assured that any purchase you make with us comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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